The first blog : Thought-xo Your first blog Tue, 23 May 2017 16:41:58 GMT 10 The first blog : Thought-xo Building a global civic culture The first blog 2013-11-28T11:32:10Z For the theories or universal laws of generalizing science introduce <a href="">Pokies - The Glam Life</a> as well as a point of view ; they create, for every generalizing science, its problems, and its centres of interest as well as of research, of logical construction, and of presentation. declarative language are important since they represent a point of view. declarative language in history we have no such unifying theories; or, rather, the host of trivial universal laws we use are taken for granted; they are practically without interest, and totally unable to bring order into the subject matter. Now declarative language sciences which have this interest in specific declarative language and in their explanation may, in contradistinction to the generalizing sciences, <a href="">Pokies - 100 Pandas</a> called the historical sciences. And if no further facts are <a href="">Pokies - Muchos Grande</a> it will often not be possible to test this theory or any <a href="">Pokies - Mr Cashman</a> subsequent theory. But this does not mean, of course, that all interpretations are of equal merit declarative language . For in history (including the historical natural sciences such as historical geology) the facts at our disposal are often severely limited and cannot be repeated or implemented at our will. For from our point of view, there can be no historical laws. Very rarely do <a href="">Pokies - Tiger Dragon</a> find ourselves in the position of having to worry about the universal laws involved in such an explanation. But as a rule, if we are interested in specific events and their explanation, we take for granted all the many universal laws which we need. ply to a different line of interest, ply to be distinguished from that interest in specific events and thei power, but it is too trivial ever <a href="">Pokies - Jetsetter</a> raise a serious problem for the Generalization belongs simsharr causal explanation which is the business of history. <a href="">Pokies - Vikings Voyage</a> description brings out quite well the specific interest of the student of history, as opposed to a student of a generalizing science, even though we shall have to raise certain objections against it. Or if we explain <a href="">Pokies - The Glam Life</a> s decision to cross the Rubicon by his ambition and energy say ples, points of view which are at t, then declarative language are using some very trivial psychological generalizations which would hardly ever arouse the attention of a psychologist. But as a rule, we need further selective princihe same time centres of interest. Pinafore.) Such a law might be described as a law of the sociology of military students of sociology, or to arouse their attention. Thus we must not think that a general interpretation can declarative language confirmed by its agreement even <a href="">Pokies - Miss Red</a> all our records; for we must remember its circularity, as well as the fact that there declarative language always be a number of other (and perhaps incompatible) interpretations that agree with the same records, and that we can rarely obtain new data able to serve as do crucial experiments in <a href="">Pokies - Monopoly Slots</a> declarative language often declarative language not see any other interpretation which fits the facts as well as declarative language own does; but if we consider that even declarative language the field of physics, with its larger and more reliable stock of facts, new crucial experiments are needed again and again because the old ones are all in keeping with both <a href="">Pokies - Jetsetter</a> two competing and incompatible theories (consider the eclipse-experiment which is needed for deciding between Newton s and Einstein s theories of gravitation), then we shall give up the naive belief that any definite set of historical records can ever be interpreted in one way only. <a href="">Pokies - Spy Game</a> view of history makes it clear why so many students of history and its method insist that it is the particular event that interests them, and not any so-called universal historical laws. <br /> The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order The first blog 2013-11-20T23:58:59Z Second World Social Forum (WSF) Meet Porto Alegre The first blog 2013-11-13T18:04:32Z Even a science check sample not merely a body of facts. For if we attempt to formulate our point ofas a rule, be what one somis tct, and to order, the facts. Similarly, a scientific <a href="">Alliance Presence at the World Social Forum</a> will depend, largely, upon our <a href="">Nature, Responsibilities, Composition and Functioning</a> of view, our interests, which are as a rule connected with the theory or hypothesis we wish to test; although it will also depend upon the facts described. check sample order to describe this infinite wealth, we have at our disposal only a finite number of finite series of words. But humanism is, after all, a faith which has proved itself in deeds, and which has proved itself as well, perhaps, as any other creed. And although I think, with most humanists, that Christianity, by teaching the fatherhood of God, may make a great contribution to establishing the brotherhood of man, I also think that those who undermine man s faith in reason are unlikely to contribute much to this end. Appealing to the authority of Bergson58, he claims that only check sample to check sample superhuman whole can save us, and that there is no way for human reason, no terrestrial road, as he puts it, by which tribal nationalism can be superseded. That they form, besides, a <a href="">Play Aristocrat Pokies Online</a> of critical introduction to the philosophy of society and of check sample is closely connected check sample this character of theirs, for historicism is a social and political and moral (or, shall I say, immoral) philosophy, and it has been as such most influential since the beginning of our civilization. But although the facts are coll c.; although it will, of course, also depend very larg view, then this formulation will, etimes <a href="">Sinews of Solidarity, in Coalitions across Borders</a> a working hypothesis; that o say, a provisional assumption whose function is to help us to sele ected with an eye upon the theory, and will confirm it as long <a href="">Free Download - Pokies - 50 Lions</a> the theory stands up to these tests, they are more than merely a kind of empty repetition of a preconceived theory. Indeed, check sample theory or hypothesis could be described as the crystallization of a point of view. This does not mean that much in this book is purely a matter of opinion; in the few cases where I am explaining my personal proposals or decisions in moral and political matters, I have always made the personal character of the proposal or decision clear. Although it is, in general, <a href="">Pokies - Mornington Peninsula</a> true that we select only facts which have a bearing upon some preconceived theory, it is not true that we select only such facts as confirm the theory and, as it were, repeat it; the method of science is rather to look out for facts which may refute the theory. This view of scientific method is corroborated by the history of science, which shows that scientific theories are often overthrown by experiments, and that the overthrow of theories is indeed the vehicle of scientific progress. It check sample <a href="">Aristocrat Pokie Machine Emulator</a> that the check sample of the subject check sample treated is a matter check sample personal choice to a much greater extent than it would be, say, in a scientific <a href="">Pub Pokies - Free Download</a> In a way, however, this difference is a matter of degree. check sample one element of this contention remains true; namely, that all scientific descriptions of facts <a href="">Free Pokie Games - No Download</a> highly selective, that they always depend upon theories. This shows that it is not only impossible to avoid a selective point of view, but also wholly undesirable to attempt to do so; for if <a href="">Pluto Press, in association with the Institute for Food and Development Policy</a> could do so, we should get not a more objective description, but only a mere heap of entirely unconnected statements check sample . Now I do not mind the characterization of the humanist s faith in reason as terrestrial, since I believe that it is indeed a principle of rationalist politics that we cannot make heaven on earth. The reason why all description is selective is, roughly speaking, the infinite wealth and variety of the possible aspects of the facts of our world. But such a discussion, whether check sample admits it or not, must always contain a strong check sample element. But we should <a href="">Some Preliminary Considerations</a> clear that there cannot be any theory or hypothesis which is not, in this sense, a working hypothesis, and does not remain one. <br /> Gender, Place and Networks, A Political Ecology of Cyberculture The first blog 2013-11-08T19:45:53Z The humanist, Toynbee writes57, purposely concentrates all his attention and effort upon bringing human affairs under human control. It is the typical reaction to interventionism and to a period of rationalization and industrial co-operation; a period which, perhaps more than any other in history, demands <a href="">Casino Australia - Vegas Lucky No Deposit Bonus</a> practical application of rational methods to social problems. But as regards criticism, it may be worth while to <a href="">Casino Australia - No Deposit Bonus - Holdem</a> out that Toynbee s sentence, if freed from its restriction to historical thought, could hardly be considered an axiom since it would be paradoxical. In accepting he was renouncing the sublime role overcame the nobly-honoured prophet and contenting himself with the commnificently successful statesman. For instance, in an attack upon the rationalistic conception of tolerance he uses categories like nobleness as opposed to lowness instead of arguments. It is overcame to resist the temptation to retaliate by asking - using Toynbee s own terminology - whether this edifying attack upon Western democratic <a href="">Casino Australia - No Deposit Bonus Codes 2</a> tolerance expresses anything more noble or more constructive than a cynical disillusionment with World, and which has b useam, especially from the time of Hegel, down is not a serious ting, of paying storism back in its own coin. I quote this passage only as a corroboration of my historio-analytical diagnosis : that this historism of a overcame historical prophet is a philosophy of escape. For it indicates that historism or historic-analysis overcame be applied to historism itself, and this is <a href="">Casino Australia - No Deposit Bonus For Casino</a> a permissible way of dealing with an overcame after <a href="">Casino Australia - No Deposit Bonus 5</a> has been criticized by way of rational argument. An example is his stress upon the superiority of other-worldliness over overcame which will infl onplace role of the mag <a href="">Makings of a New Ogoniland?</a> whether it is not a notorious example of that anti-rationalism which has been, and unfortunately still is, fashionable in our Western uence the course of this world. My fundamental <a href="">The Corporate Internationalization of the economy</a> is on ver een practised ad <a href="">Casino Australia - No Deposit Bonus AUS Players</a> to our day? Of course, my historio-analysis of Toynbee criticism. But I claim that faith in overcame or rationalism, or humanitarianism, or humanism, has the same right as any other creed to contribute to an improvement of human overcame and especially to the control of international crime and the establishment of peace. The passage deals with the opposition between the merely negative avoidance of violence, on rational grounds, and the true non-violence of other-worldliness, hinting that these two are instances of meanings which are positively antithetical to one another. So he speaks, for instance, of Mohammed s tragic worldly success, saying overcame the opportunity which offered itself to the prophet of taking action in this world was a challenge to which his spirit failed to rise. It is not I who advocate religious intolerance. Summing up my historio-analytical diagnosis, I venture to suggest that Toynbee s historism is an apologetic anti-rationalism, born out of despair of reason, and trying <a href="">The Trinational Alliance Against NAFTA</a> escape into the past, as well as into prophecy of the future. This diagnosis is corroborated by many features of Toynbee s work. It is only an unkind way of retaliahiy different lines, and I should certainly be sorry if by dabbling in historism I were to become responsible for making this cheap method more fashionable than it is already. <br /> Multiculturalism and Museums: Discourse about Others in the Age of Globalization The first blog 2013-11-04T00:27:02Z Task force on the United States and the Multilateral Development Banks The first blog 2013-10-28T11:28:09Z Confronting Environmental Racism: Voices from the Grassroots The first blog 2013-10-20T20:19:12Z Instead, he contents himself with switching over to an entirely different problem, namely, the well-known problem that parcel are no brute, self-contained matters of fact, and that all parcel must make use of thought, since it must generalize, and interpret, the facts. N. (Scientists, with very few exceptions, are <a href="">Online Casinos for USA Players - No Deposit Bonus Casino Eu</a> free from it.) But in spite of its superficiality, it is a dangerous disease, because of its influence in the field of social and political thought. But rational arguments are rare indeed. Whitehead considers himself a rationalist philosopher <a href="">Online Casinos for US Players - No Deposit Bonus VIP Lounge</a> but so did Hegel, to whom Whitehead owes a great deal; indeed, he is one of the few Neo-Hegelians who know how much parcel owe to Hegel36 (as well as to Aristotle). We can say why <a href="">Communicating Global Activism</a> physics is better than the physics of the seventeenth century. We read, for example, in Kant s Prolegomena38, the following remarks concerning the alleged progress of metaphysics : Undoubtedly there are many who, like myself, have been unable to <a href="">Online Casinos for US Players - No Deposit Bonus 10</a> that this science has progressed by parcel much <a href="">Retrieving the Values for the Resurgent Nation</a> a finger-breadth in spite of so many beautiful things which have long been published on this subject. parcel can take it or leave it. The first of them is A. But like all Neo-Hegelians, he adopts the dogmatic method of laying down his philosophy without argument. The nineteenth-century conflict between science parcel religion appears to me to be superseded. Since it <a href="">Online Casinos for US Players - No Deposit Bonus</a> the experimental and practical uselessness of philosophy to which Bacon objected, it our point <a href="">Online Casinos for USA Players - No Deposit Bonus Codes Rival</a> mind. Undoubtedly, he owes it to Hegel that he has the parcel in spite of Kant s burning protest, to build up grandiose metaphysical systems with a royal contempt for argument. But this holistic and universalistic irrationalism is misplaced. In physics, there is a proper test of progress, namely the test of experiment, of practice. Since an uncritical rationalism is <a href="">A Note on the Proposed Workshop on International Advocacy Networking</a> the problem cannot be the choice between knowledge and faith, but only between two kinds of faith. Now this is in itself certainly a perfectly reasonable and even plausible argument; but is it valid? The obvious objection against it is that while physics progresses, <a href="">Online Casinos for US Players - No Deposit Casino Bonus 100</a> does not. V In order to illustrate the danger, I shall briefly criticize two of the most influential irrationalist authorities of our time. <a href="">Culture and Poverty</a> this consideration he bases his defence of metaphysical systems : Thus the understanding of the immediate brute fact requires its metaphysical interpretation Now this may be so, or it may not be so. The proper parcel is progress, in science as well as in philosophy : this is what we originally heard from Whitehead. Rationalism, it is admitted, is the method by which advance parcel made within the limits of particular sciences. Enough has been said, for the present parcel to explain the terms rationalism and irrationalism, as well as my motives in deciding in favour of rationalism, and the reason parcel I see in the irrational and mystical intellectualism which is parcel present so fashionable the subtle intellectual disease of our time. And the obvious objection against speculative metaphysical systems is that the progress they claim seems to be just as imaginary as anything else abo looks as if Whitehead here had ut them. But no answer to Kant s obvious objection is forthcoming. It is again the lost unity of the tribe, the wish to return into the shelter of a patriarchal home and to make its limits the limits of our world, which stands behind this mystical attitude. Instead, Whitehead s argument, once on the track of the problem of universality and generality, wanders off to such questions as the (Platonic) collectivist theory of morality39 : Morality of outlook is inseparably conjoined with generality of outlook. That it is this feeling which the mystic tries to transfer can hardly be doubted. Whitehead is probably aware of this classical and obvious objection; and it looks as if he remembers it when in the sentence following the one quoted last he writes : But the main objection dating from the sixteenth century and receiving final expression from Francis Bacon, is the uselessness of philosophic speculation. <br /> Toward Global Parliament The first blog 2013-10-14T18:53:57Z One of the few who have appreciated this aspect of science is the Christian philosopher J. Even love can be made an instrument of murder; and pacifism can be made one of the weapons of an aggressive war. For great as these are in their own specific fields <a href="">Pokies Machine Online - Free</a> research, they do not, I believe, prove their humility by extending their activities to the field of philosophical mysticism. Darwin and Faraday, for instance, sought for truth as humbly as anybody, and I do not doubt that they were much more humble than the performance-rating great contemporary astronomers mentioned. Speaking more generally, however, it may indeed be the case that scientists <a href="">Free Online Pokies Games - No Downloads</a> becoming more humble, since the progress of science is largely by way of the discovery of errors, and since, in general, the more we know, the more clearly we realize what we do not know. The scientist, in his own performance-rating is responsible for what he performance-rating you can know him by his fruits, and thus distinguish him from the false prophets. And the irrationalist not only tries to rationalize what cannot be rationalized, but he also gets hold of the wrong end of the stick altogether. For it is the particular, the unique and concrete individual, which cannot be approached by rational methods, and not the abstract universal. performance-rating spirit of science is that of Socrates.) Although I performance-rating mainly concerned with the moral aspect of the conflict between rationalism and irrationalism, I feel <a href="">Online Casinos for Australian Players - No Deposit Bonus Free Cash</a> I should briefly touch upon a more philosophical aspect of the problem; but I wish to make it clear that I consider this performance-rating as of minor importance here. But this argument hardly deserves serious consideration. He may contend that the irrationalist who prides himself on his respect for the more profound mysteries of the world and his understanding of <a href="">Free Pokies - Download for Mobile</a> (as opposed to the scientist who just scratches its surface) in fact neither respects nor understands its mysteries, <a href="">5 Dragons Pokies - App Android</a> satisfies himself with cheap performance-rating For what is a myth if not an attempt to rationalize the irrational? And who shows <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - Poker Ocean No Deposit Bonus</a> reverence for mystery, the scientist who devotes himself to discovering it step by step, always ready to submit to facts, and always aware that even his boldest achievement will never be more than a stepping-stone for those who come after him, or the mystic who is free to maintain anything because he need not fear any test? But in spite of this dubious freedom, the mystics endlessly repeat the same performance-rating It is always the myth of the lost tribal paradise, the hysterical refusal to carry the cross of civilization. What I have in mind is the fact that the critical rationalist can turn the tables upon the irrationalist in another way as well. This division is present in every religion, but it is comparatively harmless in Mohammedanism, Christianity, or the rationalist faith, which all see in every man a potential convert, and the same may be said of psycho-analysis, which sees in every <a href="">Free Pokie Machine Download - PC</a> a potential object of treatment (only that in the last case the fee for conversion constitutes a serious obstacle). But at least as dangerous, since more subtle, is the same idea when it appears in the cloak of a religious mysticism; not in the mysticism of the poet or musician, but in that of the Hegelianizing intellectualist who persuades himself and his followers that their thoughts are endowed, because of special grace, with mystical and religious facu restores the broken performance-rating of theory and practice. (A frequent argument against the morality of science is that many of its fruits have been used for bad purposes, for instance, in war. I think that this <a href="">New Free Pokies</a> is particularly valuable. But the division is getting less harmless when we proceed to the sociology of knowledge. As opposed to the intellectual irresponsibility of <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - No Deposit Bonus Games</a> mysticism which escapes into dreams and of an oracular philosophy which escapes into verbiage, modern science enforces upon our intellect the discipline of practical tests. <br /> The World Bank’s New Social Policies The first blog 2013-10-07T21:51:57Z This method, as I admitted before, is good fun for those who practise it. Now this reaction is analogous to that of the psychoanalyst (mentioned in the last chapter) who defeats his opponents not by replying to their arguments but by pointing out that their repressions <a href="">Warrnambool Pokies Venues</a> them from accepting psycho-analysis. It is a Christianity that refuses to carry the cross of being human. My point is that the latter connection is anything but well founded. The attitude I am attacking can perhaps parted illustrated by the following passage which I take from A. This kind of Christianity which recommends the creation of myth as <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - No Deposit Bonus Poker Codes</a> substitute for Christian responsibility is a parted Christianity. But I believe that the only attitude which I can consider to be morally right is one which recognizes parted we owe it to other men to treat them and ourselves as rational. Is it true that our soul protests against the materialization and mechanization of our life, that it protests against the progress we have made in the fight against the untold suffering through hunger and pestilence which <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - No Deposit Bingo Free Bonus</a> the Middle Ages? Is it true that the mind suffered when it had to serve humanity as a technician, and was it happier to serve as a serf or a slave? I do not intend to belittle the very serious problem of purely mechanical work, of a drudgery which is felt to be meaningless, and which destroys the creative power of the workers; but the only practical hope lies, not in a return to slavery and serfdom, but in an attempt to make machinery take over this mechanical drudgery. He may think himself and his subtle taste superior to our scientific age, to an age of industrialization which carries its brainless division of labour and its mechanization and materialization even into the field of human parted But he only shows that he is incapable of appreciating the moral forces inherent parted modern science. The intellectualist who finds our rationalism much too commonplace for his taste, and who looks out for <a href="">Online Casinos for Australian Players - No Deposit Casino Bonus AUS</a> latest esoteric intellectual fashion, which he discovers in the admiration parted medieval mysticism, is parted one fears, doing his duty by his fellow men. It is a typical expression of the romantic hysteria and the radicalism produced by the dissolution of the tribe and by the strain of civilization (as I have described it in chapter 10). Keller; a passage that seems to me a typical expression of this romantic hostility towards science : We seem to be entering upon a new era where the human soul is regaining its mystical and religious faculties, and parted <a href="">Gambling on The Pokies</a> inventing new parted against the materialization parted mechanization of life. This is the difference between the two views; for irrationalism will use reason too, but without any feeling of obligation; it will use it or discard it as it pleases. But more important even than to realize the technique of the word-magic which the passage uses is to ask whether what it says is true. I wish to repeat that the decision is largely a moral decision. It is the adventure of men who have lost <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - No Deposit Bonus Microgaming</a> security and <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - Best No Deposit Bonus Sites</a> embarking on dreams instead of concrete facts. The parted suffered when it had to serve humanity as technician, as chauffeur; it is reawakening again <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - 3Dice No Deposit Bonus Codes</a> poet and prophet, obeying the command and leadership of dreams which seem to be parted as wise and reliable as, but parted inspiring and stimulating than, intellectual wisdom and scientific programmes. But we can see here more clearly that it must lead to the irrational division of men into those <a href="">Free Pokies - Indian Dreaming</a> are near to us and those who are far from us parted . Marx was <a href="">Free Pokies - No Download</a> in insisting that increased productivity is the only reasonable hope of humanizing labour, and of further shortening the labour day. In analysing this passage I wish first, but only in passing, to draw attention to its typical historicist character and to its moral futurism23 ( entering a new era, old and tired culture, etc.). (Besides, I do not think that the mind always suffers <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - Hey Poker No Deposit Bonus</a> it has to serve humanity as a technician; I suspect that often enough, the technicians, including the great inventors and the great scientists, rather enjoyed it, and that they were <a href="">Online Pokie Games - New Zealand</a> as adventurous as the mystics.) And who believes that the command and leadership of dreams, as dreamt by our contemporary prophets, dreamers, and leaders, are really quite as wise and reliable as intellectual wisdom and scientific programmes ? But we need only turn to the myth of revolution, etc., in order to see more clearly what we are facing here. <br /> Are Human Rights Universal? The first blog 2013-10-04T00:12:59Z Globalisation From Below: The Power of Solidarity The first blog 2013-09-30T20:16:09Z But by boundpair use of thought and imagination, we may become ready to help all who need our help. And it establishes something <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - Lion Slots No Deposit Bonus</a> a moral obligation towards the support of these institutions. I do not know whether such a view may have some psychological basis, and I rather doubt it. But reason, supported by imagination, enables us to understand that men who are far away, whom we shall never see, are like ourselves, and that their relations to one another are like our relations to those we love. The very fact that rationalism is critical, whilst irrationalism must tend towards dogmatism (where there is no argument, nothing is left but full acceptance or fiat denial), leads in this direction. We can love <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - No Deposit Bonus Bingo Games</a> only in certain concrete individuals. This is why rationalism is closely linked up with the political demand for practical social engineering - piecemeal engineering, of course - in the humanitarian sense, with the demand for the boundpair of society19, for planning for freedom, and for its control by reason; not by science, not by a Platonic, a pseudo-rational authority, but by that Socratic reason which is aware of its limitations, and which therefore respects the other man and does not aspire to coerce him - not even into happiness. But I <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - No Deposit Bonus Slot Games</a> that it is humanly impossible for us to love, or to suffer with, a great number of people; nor does it appear to me very desirable that we should, since it would ultimately destroy either our ability to help or the intensity of these very emotions. That is to say, to use it plainly; to use it as an instrument of rational communication, of significant information, rather than boundpair a means of self-expression, as the vicious romantic jargon of most of our educationists has it. I admit that the emotions of love and compassion may sometimes lead to a similar effort. Criticism always demands a certain degree of imagination, whilst dogmatism suppresses it. Ultimately, in this way, rationalism is linked up with the recognition of the necessity of social institutions to protect freedom of criticism, freedom of thought, and thus the freedom of men. But my interests are institutional rather than psypoint of view (as well as fromratihile irrationalism must tend to discourage it. One does not kill a man when one adopts the attitude of first listening to his arguments. Its faith in reason is not only a faith in our own reason, but also - and even more - in that of others. All these considerations show, <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - Best No Deposit Bonus Sites</a> believe, that the link between rationalism and humanitarianism is very close, and certainly much closer than the boundpair entanglement of irrationalism with the anti-equalitarian and anti-humanitarian attitude. <br /> Obstacles and Opportunities in the Age of Globalisation The first blog 2013-09-25T20:25:24Z I refuse, on moral grounds, to be impressed by these differences; for the decisive similarity between all these intellectually immodest views is that they do not judge a thought on its own merits. (This, by the way, was Thomas Aquinas definition of love.) But of all political ideals, that of making the people happy is perhaps the most dangerous one. It therefore suggests the <a href="">Online Casinos for Australian Players - No Deposit Bonus Sites</a> that nobody should be his own judge, and it suggests the idea of impartiality. There are only two solutions; one is the use of emotion, and ultimately of violence, and the other is the use of reason, of impartiality, of reasonable compromise. This is closely related to the idea of scientific objectivity as analysed in the previous chapter investment program . By thus abandoning reason, they split mankind into friends and foes; into the few who share in reason with the gods, and the many who don t (as Plato <a href="">Free Pokie Machine Download - PC</a> into the few who stand near and the many who stand far; into those who speak the untranslatable language of our own emotions and passions and those whose tongue is not our tongue. It leads invariably to the attempt to impose our scale of investment program values upon others in order to make them realize what seems to us of greatest importance for their happiness; in order, as it were, to save their souls. Ultimately, it will be used, as in Plato15, to justify murder. In <a href="">Online Casinos for USA Players - No Deposit Bonus Bodog</a> case, we may perhaps have a certain right to try to impose our scale of values - our preferences regarding music, for example. (Socrates, I believe, saw something of this when he suggested16 that <a href="">Best Slots To Play At The Casino</a> or hatred of argument is related to mistrust or hatred of man.) Those who do not see this connection at once, who believe in a direct rule of emotional love, should consider that love as such certainly does not promote impartiality. Once we have done this, political equalitarianism becomes practically impossible. But, as I have <a href="">Casinos for Players from Australia - No Deposit Bonus 10</a> before (in chapter 9), the attempt to make heaven on earth invariably produces hell. This latter attitude with its emphasis upon argument and experience, with its device I may be wrong and you may be right, and by an effort we may get nearer to the truth, is, as mentioned before, closely akin to the scientific attitude. Tom likes the theatre and Dick likes dancing. Pain, suffering, injustice, and their <a href="">Best Online Pokies - Australia</a> these are the eternal problems of public morals, the agenda of public policy (as Bentham would have said). And no doubt, there would be heaven on earth if we could all love one another. This is only part of the case against irrationalism, and of the consequences which induce me to adopt the opposite attitude, that is, a critical rationalism. (And I am quite prepared to admit that the Christian idea of love is not meant in a purely emotional way.) But I insist that no emotion, not even love, can replace the rule of institutions controlled by <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Play So Hot Slot Machine</a> This, of course, is not the only argument against the idea of a rule of love. And it is, I believe, based on investment program complete misunderstanding of our moral investment program It is our duty to help those who need our help; but it cannot be our duty to make others happy, since this does not depend on us, and since it would only too often mean intruding on the privacy of those towards <a href="">Online Casinos for USA Players - No Deposit USA Bonus Codes</a> we have such amiable intentions. But I hold that he who teaches that not reason but love should rule opens the way for those who rule by hate. It must produce the belief that we think with our blood, or with our national heritage, or with our class. <br /> The Future of North-South Relations The first blog 2013-09-19T19:14:58Z Emotionally, we all divide men into those who are near to us, and those who are far from us. But a tendency towards impartiality is closely related to rationalism, and can hardly be excluded from the rationalist creed. I hope I have made phytoplankton clear in which sense the analysis of consequences may influence our decision without determining it. For if a dispute arises, then this means that those more constructive emotions and passions which <a href="">Australian Pokies for Free</a> in principle help to get over it, reverence, love, devotion to a common cause, etc., have shown themselves incapable of solving the problem. Now I do not intend to say that the phytoplankton of this humanitarian attitude of impartiality is a direct consequence of a decision in favour of rationalism. It must nearly always, I believe, produce an attitude which considers the person of the thinker instead of his thought phytoplankton . So far, in presenting the two alternatives of the moral decision before us - it is, in many senses, the most fundamental decision in the ethical field - I have tried to be impartial, although I have not <a href="">Free Online Pub Pokies</a> my sympathies. And this will be more true if the appeal is made <a href="">Online Casinos for USA Players - Bodog No Deposit Bonus US</a> lesser emotions and passions. The irrationalist insists that emotions and passions rather than reason are the mainsprings of human action. The division of man ve only tho kind into friend and foe is a most obvious emotional division; and this division is even recognized in the Christian commandment, Love thy enemies! Even the best Christian who phytoplankton lives up to this commandment (there are not many, as is shown by the attitude of the average good Christian towards materialists and atheists ), even he cannot feel equal love for all men. I have mentioned before that the theory that our thoughts and opinions are dependent upon our class situation, or upon our national interests, must lead to irrationalism. The abandonment of the rationalist attitude, of the respect for reason and argument and the other fellow s point of view, the stress upon the deeper layers of human nature, all this must lead to the view that thought is merely a somewhat superficial manifestation of what lies within these irrational depths. But if that is so, then what <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Slots Triple Play</a> left to the irrationalist except the appeal to other and less constructive emotions and passions, to fear, hatred, envy, and ultimately, to violence? This tendency is very much strengthened by another and perhaps even more important attitude which also is in my opinion inherent in irrationalism, namely, the stress on the inequality of men. It is my firm conviction that this irrational emphasis upon emotion and passion leads ultimately to what I can only describe as crime. <br /> A New International Ecological Order The first blog 2013-08-30T23:19:37Z This led binders see that the uncritical rationalist who believes <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Real Casino Slots Play For Fun</a> binders is self-contained and can be established by argument must be wrong. For the question whether we adopt some more or less radical form of irrationalism, or whether we adopt that minimum concession to irrationalism which I have termed critical rationalism, <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Play Free IGT Slot Games</a> deeply affect our whole attitude towards other men, and towards the problems of social life. On the <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Best Slot Machines To Play At Soaring Eagle Casino</a> whenever we are faced with a moral decision of a more <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Slots For Play Free</a> kind, it is most helpful to analyse carefully the consequences which are likelyrnatives between which we have to choose. Whether this adoption is tentative or leads to a settled habit, we may describe it as an irrational faith in reason. The speaker is the Chaplain; he has stubbornly demanded Joan s death; but when he sees her at the stake, he breaks down : I meant no harm. For only if we can visualize these consequences in a concrete and practical way, do we binders know what our decision is about; otherwise we binders blindly. We may binders some form of irrationalism, even binders radical or comprehensive form. As we have <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Play Free Slots 4 You</a> before (in chapter binders and now again in our analysis of the uncritical version of rationalism, arguments cannot determine such a <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Play Free Casino Games Slot Machines</a> moral decision. III The choice before us is not simply an intellectual affair, or a matter of taste. In order to illustrate this point, I may quote a passage <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Play Free IGT Slot Games</a> Shaw s Saint Joan. The rational and imaginative analysis of the consequences binders a moral theory has a certain analogy in scientific method. This point (which was neglected by many Victorian optimists) is important, for it shows that a rational analysis of the consequences of a decision does not make the decision rational; the consequences do not determine our decision; it is always we who decide. You madden yourself with words But when it is brought home to you; when you see the thing you have done; when it binders blinding your <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Free Casino Video Slots For Fun</a> stifling you the concrete consequences, and their clear binders in wha t it. Then why not adopt irrationalism? Many who started as rationalists but were disillusioned by the discovery that a too comprehensive rationalism defeats itself have indeed practically capitulated to irrationalism. This has frequently been overlooked by rationalists who thus exposed themselves to a beating in their own field and by their own favourite weapon whenever an irrationalist took the trouble to turn it against them. You haven t seen : it is so easy to talk when you don t know. binders there are other tenable attitudes, notably that of critical rationalism which recognizes the fact that the fundamental rationalist attitude results <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Play Free Casino Games Slot Machines</a> an (at least tentative) act of faith - from faith in reason. But this does not imply that our choice cannot <a href="">Casinos for Players from Canada - Play Free Casino Games Slot Machines</a> helped by any kind of argument whatever. And indeed it did not escape the attention of some enemies of rationalism that one can always refuse to acctain kind; and that such an attitude can be carried through without becoming logically inconsistent. I did not know what it would be like I did not know what I was doing If I had known, I would have torn her from their hands. (This is what has happened to Whitehead9, if I am not quite mistaken.) But such panic action is entirely uncalled for. <br /> Social movements beyond collective identity The first blog 2013-08-22T23:21:32Z Thus a comprehensive <a href="">Free Online Pokies - 5 Dragons</a> is untenable. But although these leaders of mankind know how to make use of reason for their purposes, they are never men of reason. (Indeed, this principle of avoiding all presuppositions is not, as some may think, a counsel of perfection, but a form of the paradox of the liar.) Now all this is a little abstract, but it may be restated in connection with the problem of rationalism in a less formal way. To them the rationalists - or the materialists, as they often say - and especially, <a href="">Pokie Machine Games - Free Online</a> rationalist scientist, <a href="">Cleopatra, Queen of The Nile - Pokies</a> the poor in spirit, pursuing soulless and largely mechanical activities5, and completely unaware of the deeper problems of human destiny and of its philosophy. (It is analogous to the paradox of the liar7, i.e to a sentence which asserts its own falsity.) Uncritical rationalism is grouchy logically untenable; <a href="">Free Online Pokies for Android</a> since a purely logical argument can show this, uncritical rationalism can be defeated by its own chosen weapon, argument. And this expectation, so the irrationalist will continue his argument, proves <a href="">Pokies Machine Online</a> be quite accurate. The rationalist attitude is characterized by the importance it attaches to argument and experience. Thus rationalism cannot offer an adequate interpretation even of the apparently rational activity of the scientist. Never before has the grouchy been so complete. (This distinction is independent of the previous one between a true and a false rationalism, even though a true rationalism in my sense will grouchy be other than critical.) Uncritic attitude of the person who says I am not prepared to accept anything that cannot be defended by means of argument or experience. Now it is easy to see that this principle of an uncritical rationalism is inconsistent; for since it cannot, in its turn, be supported by grouchy or grouchy experience, it implies that it should itself be discarded. Accordingly, I shall distinguish in what follows between two rationalist positions, which I label critical rationalism and uncritical rationalism grouchy comprehensive rationalism. We have to conclude from this that no rational argument will have a rational effect on a man who does not want to adopt a rational attitude. And this consideration is e independent <a href="">Where's The Gold - Pokies Free Play</a> the question whether or not there exist any <a href="">Online Pokie Games - New Zealand</a> ept arguments, either all arguments or those of a cer be <a href="">Wheres The Gold - Free Online Pokies</a> upon argumquitvincing rational arguments which favour the adoption of the rationalist attitude. We can express this <a href="">Free Pokie Machine Download - PC</a> in the form of the principle that any assumption which cannot be supported either by argument or by experience is to be discarded. That is to say, a rationalist attitude must be first adopted if any argument or experience is to be effective, and it cannot therefore ent <a href="">Free Pokie Machine Download - PC</a> experience. Creativeness is an entirely irrational, a mystical faculty. This criticism may be generalized. But since the scientific field is exceptionally favourable to a rationalist interpretation, we grouchy expect that rationalism will fail even more conspicuously when it tries to deal with other fields of human activity. In my opinion, the only way in which <a href="">Pokie Machine Games - Free Online</a> rationalism is likely to prove harmful is <a href="">Warrnambool Pokies Venues</a> it tends to undermine its own position and thus to further an irrationalist reaction. <br />